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Bitcoin is probably near an all-time high, as usual. It won't stop going up!

We trade, teach and chronicle cryptocoin investing. Our method is consistent, simple and low-risk. Our holdings compound exponentially by reinvesting some profits via margin trading.

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An Overview:

Our Method

We don’t like any cryptocurrency more than another. Our trades are emotionless. Our method is designed to profit on consistent human errors, philosophy, and a persistent trend. This is the long game. Slow and steady will win in the end.

Dollar being taken over by crypto investing


Most coins will probably end up being regarded as ponzi-schemes someday, although not all coins will be seen in such ill-regard. Today there is an epic battle for the ultimate market dominance by only a few coins, each with a differing and specific role. Amateur speculators are using high leverage, trading emotionally and driving prices up and down wildly. Most are playing the lottery with crypto investing by trying to pick based on nothing but emotion.

 Those traders are impatient, emotional NEWBIES! You can dominate it with one fundamental method: “Buy low, sell high”, it is that simple… yet most can’t do it! Don’t chase and don’t fall in blind love. The hardest part is realizing a top. Don’t get greedy or else you hold though the big drops. Altcoins will consistently increase in value as long as new speculators keep investing. Newcomers always want to BUY coins. No one gets into crypto investing thinking, “I am going to start by short-selling coin”, no one!

Altcoins almost always rise in value alongside bitcoin, but more importantly, they rise against bitcoin too.  Traders scatter at first, but will flock to altcoins while bitcoin is falling. The prices of individual coins take turns popping, 10%, 20%, 30%+ up, one after another. It happens because speculators are trying to chase profit. It’s a self-feeding phenomena of constant boom + bust. There are clear patterns and timing is everything. All that really matters to us is the up and down volatility happening everyday. Doesn’t matter if the coins are truly worth anything. The market decides. The market is finding itself today.

 Traders commonly react to movements in similar fashion, which typically turns out to be incorrect, per the nature of trading. Fear or greed kick in around the same thresholds for all. It’s as if we are all conditioned toward certain expectations. Get a feel for the trading patterns and have patience. Start with the right foundation, then experience, and profit will follow. Today is just the beginning.

Why aren’t you trading alt coins yet?

Metrics, earnings, and other events that commonly move traditional markets aren’t in play regarding cryptocurrencies. Crypto investing is purer than anything else today. The coins will become more stable as market caps rise. Altcoins have steadily been taking market share from bitcoin too. Altcoins currently command over 50% of the bitcoin’s market share – up from 20% just 4 months earlier. The market cap, or total value of all alt coins combined is only ~$20 billion. Over 50 private individuals have a higher net worth than ALL alts combined! Just imagine if ONE began investing in earnest…

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Philosophy over everything.